Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twin Birth - 3rd Week

In the midst of 3rd week. The learning process is still on ongoing for mother and girls.

Need to starts using all these equipment.

I will find a chance...The little girl that is taken care by my SIL currently and she is hyperactive.


Silent Night

Since I am having my confinement during Christmas, I am unable to go any outing, so we have some cakes just for consumption.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twin Birth - 2nd Week

人家做月都怕热, 我却怕冷, 可见我身子有多虚! 这次产子真的是元气大伤. 不再年轻.
Finally I can cut my toe nails, I can bend my legs which I never did these for months during pregnancy. My legs still looks like deformed, the fluid has not completely gone yet, so there are kind of lumps residue in there.
Both babies exhibit different patterns everyday. At night, they will take turns to cry, sometimes both cries at the same time. Our poor confinement lady hardly got any sleeps in the night, just to entertain and give them night feeds thoughout the nights.
Let me analyse how many twins in my family. My father side: 1) I have a pair of twin cousin; My mother side: 2) I have a pair of cousin (1 survived); 3) my granduncle is one of a twin. Is that gene or age that made my carry twins? I do not know. Science will says it's age.

Revenge time, you kicked me when we were only few months old before birth, now I kick you back.

High 5!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twin Birth - Arrival

Twins arrived on 12 Dec, after their mummy going thru a GA in TMC operating table. I have to fast from 7am in the morning and not allowed any food in the night. As my HB level is low (8.4) upon check in, I got a 1st in my lifetime blood transfusion at night, luckily I did not develop any fever after that. But my BP is shooting high after I am out of ops, reading 173 for SYS. Till now, I am still having this hypertension that not sure when it will go away.
Next day I am only allowed Milo for breakfast, teabreaks and lunch, only started to have some fish porridge in the evening. still I feel miserable as I cannot swallow well, I had sore throat due to the ops as they inserted a breathing tube thru my throat during ops. Any pills to me is BIG, I will have to bite all of them to much smaller pieces before swallowing them.
Thank you all colleagues and friends who have sent regards and visited me during my stay in hospital.

This is the green papaya fish soup that the hospital will serve every morning teabreak.

Wednesday lunch, vegie with pork.

Thursday lunch, vegie and fried fish.

Thursday afternoon teabreak. Tuna sandwich, I just ate even I do not like Tuna.

红糟鸡 for Thursday dinner

Thursday night supper.

Friday morning breakfast, I chosed Chinese cusine as Continental cusine comes with 2 hard boiled eggs which we should not consume. Only Chwee Kueh, I missed the bread.

So much medication to be taken.

Gifts from colleagues.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Week 37...D-Day 12 Dec 2011

Hope everything are smooth.
Coming to meet the babies.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Week 36, 11th Dec 2011

1 more day to go, and it's my girl birthday today.

Just because it's a Sunday today, I cannot have the D-day as the same date. Else all my 3 girls would have been born on the same day and same month.

Last night we bought a cake for YS, together we had it for breakfast. Due to my big tummy and inconvinence to move around, she can only stay at home and play with all her soft toys. Morever she had a fever last night and thank God that the fever subsided by today.

Twin Pregnancy - Week 36, 10th Dec 2011

2 more days to D-Day.
I have outgrown all the clothes, my tummy below always airy since weeks ago.

My girl wants me to take a picture of this.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Week 36, 8th Dec 11

Another day down, closer and closer. Today brought my girl to Serangoon Nex for a Hello Kitty show, think this will be the last chance this year for me to bring her out during school holiday. Next week onwards, at least for a few months, all my time will be needed for the 2 little ones.
At home, I'm like a busy bee, cleaning nest syndrome, keep packng here and there, never will I think it's good enough. Just that I'm so slow that it will never finish. Close both eyes...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Week 36

Counting down by days...People are counting for 12 days of Christmas, I am counting towards 12th day of D-day..till 12 Dec. Never been on a operating theatre table before, hence very very fearful though millions of people have been there. As of today, I left with 4 days of "freedom" but almost immobilised. Just shifting of my butt from 1 chair to the other would make me think twice.

Today is my last visit to gynae before delivery, position of twin still the same, hence confirmed they will be delivered by C-sect. My HB level up abit to 8.4, should be the medication effect. Slight weight loss to 79kg, now lesser appetite to eat. And every moment, they are squeezing in my tummy, can be quite distracting.

Feeling exhausted every minute, even solving a math problem will make me feels tired. Can't wait to meet the 2 babies, aka unloading...Perhaps my only acceptable entertainment at home is playing my newly bought iPad.

Oh ya, I used my "cheong" iPod charger to charge my iPad, ended up it tripped my house power supply but I am glad that my iPad is safe.
Weekends cooking by hubby.

That's goes my iPod charger, lucky iPad does provide charger, so now I use iPad charger to charge both devices.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Week 35

Yes, counting down, getting closer each day.

Weight has hit 80kg today and high blood pressure starts to appear on me with 130/85. At home is measuring 142/80, scary.... HB also low at a reading of 7.6, I think their machine having problem, not me....Hope so. And, I left the clinic with 2 more types of medication, in total, I am consuming 7 types of medication.

Left twin remains in breech position, so it is confirm to be a GA C-section on 12 Dec. Less than 2 weeks from now. 越来越紧张了.

This belt has been on me to help support my tummy but for the past 3 week, its no longer in used, it will drop off, tummy too big.


My medication: 1. Utrogestan 100mg (to relax uterus to prevent preterm labour), 2. Folic Acid (finishing soon and will not continue after that), 3. Dhaxtra Softgel (Fishoil), 4. Calcium tablet (Pink colour), 5. Floron tablet (Brown colour, Iron tablets, 2x per day as I need for blood production), 6. Ferbeaplex (Red colour, another kind of iron tablet newly prescribed due to my low HB), 7. Apo-Methyldopa (Yellow tablet, for High BP controls, 3x per day).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Weeks 34

It's 34 weeks now and counting down. Gynae has booked for me my delivery on week 37. I feel fearful and looking forward to download the heavy weight. Left twin weighing about 2.29kg and right twin weighing 2.3+kg. Left twin has switched position to breech again. Every 2 weeks we have to guess what posture they are showing. It's quite unusual that they are still switching position at this advanced stage, especially twins.

Less physical movement now, technically I left with 3 weekends to prepare for everything, always feeling not enough time to prepare but I guess that's every mum-to-be worries, things never got ready.

At least I still have a chance to attend this year company Dinner and Dance and get to win the 31st prize, a BackJoy seat support which is laying around in my house with not much use to my family.

This medication was given to me in week 32, to be taken for 4 weeks to relax the uterus to prevent preterm labour.

The 1st homecook food after I known of my own pregnancy. And it will be the last before delivery as it is really too tiring to preparing till washing up. tsk tsk ***

Japanese sweet potato porridge, fried onion eggs and fried bean spout, my girl love these so much although I find them blend, to reduce salt to cut down water retention.

See the layer of fats under the skin, the outer layer of skin has been stretch till fold lines are permenant there at tis moment.