Saturday, January 5, 2013

Twin Birth - 1 year

 Been so busy these 2 months.
Once a baby, now walking everywhere. They started walking around 10 months old. And also, our domestic helper decided not to work for us anymore at the beginning of Dec, so I have to "work from my sister-in-law house" till my replacement helper come on board.
Here are some of their photos, and also their 1 year and 10 years old birthday celebration. We never go anywhere, just singing birthday songs for 2 days continuing. Next time, we shall do it once will do, but on 11th or on the 12th??? Let's fight.

Testing of hairband at Daiso
New discovery, torchlight and tissue
It happens all the time, stacking on each other
My new hairpin (Blue pins - jie jie)
Now playing together, later will become snatching game. Birthday gift from aunty Anthea.

Jie Jie, let me feed you
All time favorite place, don't bother to buy me toys

My sister in law, my 2 youngest girls and the Toddler's younger sister
At Compass Point, squeezing 2 into 1 seat

Her birthday
Dresses from aunty Anthea, wearing it on first year birthday.
Guess who am I (I got it wrong initially till I saw my other girl, haha)
You say who am I?
The only time I can capture both together not running about.

Birthday cake for the 1 year old
Singing birthday songs for 2 mei mei

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 School Holidays

2012 school holidays started mid Nov. Taken some time to bring my big girl to some places for play.

 As usual, every mid and end year holidays must visit Changi Airport T3, that is where there will be some theme games organised by the airport to attract non travelers to visit the airport and spend. 
For end 2012, it is Angry Birds Space. Spent minimum $60, you may enter the playground at T3 departure hall Angry Bird Theme Playground, redeem a Angry Bird plush toy, join the workshop either making Angry Bird theme clock, box or tote bag. Also, the same receipt can entitle you to the Canopy playground at T1. Plus, you may redeem 6 rides at T3 Slides.

The human size Angry Bird game.
Select the tote bag for the workshop. Just need to colour the tote bag with fabric colour pens.
Spend $60 and enjoy half an hour play, or 1 hour play for Changi Reward members which I joined on that day.
Another day, we went to a playground at Lower Delta Sport complex, the name of the place is "Tickle Tickle". When we just arrived, there was only 1 girl playing by herself, that was about 2.30pm. When it approach late afternoon, slowly there are people start coming to the playground.
These 2 brothers loves following my girl in my playground. They will just following every corner she is going, including the "super-mart" and the "baking corner".

 After Tickle Tickle, we went to Alexandra Ikea to get some stuff and my girl wanted to try the playground in Ikea. 宁可杀错, 不可放过...
Ikea Alexandra play area
The playground at Ikea
These are selling at the Ikea Gourmet section