Friday, October 12, 2012

Twin Birth - 10 Months

Taking care of Twins is fun and no fun. When they try to be playful with you, they are sooooooo cute. But when they cry for nothing, or perhaps, when I cannot interpret the cries, well, I will be frustrated.

Till now, they have only 2 front teeth, mei mei is growing another 2 more, hence recently she is so cranky and refuse to eat and drink. 2 more months and they will be 1 year old...that's fast. I still thought that I'm back from delivery not long ago.

I am Mei Mei.
Oops, got caught in action

Learning to walk
Busy - biting

Busy - inspecting tyres
With our friends

Both busy - programming
Noticed my hairband...
Oops, got caught again
Let's think how to get rid of this...
I'm innocent
When's my turn!!!