Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twin Birth - 2nd Month

Trying to adjust myself during this 2nd month, especially when my confinement lady has left, I have to handle 3 new comers at one go and I have communication problem with 3 of them. Two of them only converse via cries and 1 speak only Malay. I am expected to learn and be proficient in Malay. Think if I have the time, I rather sleep or do something that I enjoyed. Plus, 3 of them have different culture, the baby culture and country culture.
In my mind, I still have thousands and one thing not done, especially facing my messy home after the shift from Toa payoh. Before delivery, my tummy was too big to work around; now, my hands are too tight to work on it.
At times, keeping sane is a challenge when facing the cries from 2, different working mindset from 1, sleep deprived, being confined at home. Depression is something that I try to ward off by keeping communication with friends and colleagues, and also with the help and support from in laws. Now I can understand why microwave is bad for babies.
Every morning you will see different pose.

I am Mei Mei.

I am Jie Jie.

Hmmmm...Yellow theme...

Jie Jie: What a tough fight, my mittons have gone somewhere...

Mei Mei: Hei, I have concurred mummy's bed.

Let's share...

Big Girl Going to Camp

My big girl will be going for OBS camp from 6th-8th Feb, she is so excited that she took these pictures and want me to post it online. The campsite is at East Coast park, just beside the Sea Sport Centre, haha, that's where our usual beach hang out place.