Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twin Birth - 2nd Month

Trying to adjust myself during this 2nd month, especially when my confinement lady has left, I have to handle 3 new comers at one go and I have communication problem with 3 of them. Two of them only converse via cries and 1 speak only Malay. I am expected to learn and be proficient in Malay. Think if I have the time, I rather sleep or do something that I enjoyed. Plus, 3 of them have different culture, the baby culture and country culture.
In my mind, I still have thousands and one thing not done, especially facing my messy home after the shift from Toa payoh. Before delivery, my tummy was too big to work around; now, my hands are too tight to work on it.
At times, keeping sane is a challenge when facing the cries from 2, different working mindset from 1, sleep deprived, being confined at home. Depression is something that I try to ward off by keeping communication with friends and colleagues, and also with the help and support from in laws. Now I can understand why microwave is bad for babies.
Every morning you will see different pose.

I am Mei Mei.

I am Jie Jie.

Hmmmm...Yellow theme...

Jie Jie: What a tough fight, my mittons have gone somewhere...

Mei Mei: Hei, I have concurred mummy's bed.

Let's share...

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