Thursday, April 5, 2012

Twin Birth - 4th Month

Back to work, tired, and "twin sick". Glad that company allowed me to take such a long leave from Dec till early April, is a long period.
During these 4 months "confinement" (yes, it is confinement as I could not go out as I wish), it has becoming a routine of morning call for the 1st day feed, sometimes will see my hubby and eldest girl leave the house for school and work before 7am. The rest of the day will be feeding the babies and feeding myself till night time almost 9pm, then I see them again. Soon, it's the nightmare of night feeding, sometimes need to wake up as many as 3 times for different timing feed, if I am lucky, it's just a 1 time feed at night. Everyday lives like a zombie.
And of course, many things have changed, example the function of my mixing bowl...My baking tray...

Fingers licking good. That's mine...
We can read.
Watching TV, I like K-POP..

Pulling hair...while still have hairs...