Friday, May 11, 2012

Twin Birth - 5th Month

5 months, and the 2 girls had a drastic change, from having some hair to botak. They are more active now, staying awake longer in the day but at least can sleep thru the night till 4~5am for their 1st feed of the day. If I am not working, staying at home with them, sometimes it can be very very tiring as they need your undivided attention. They no longer satisfy with laying on a surface, they will want to be carried around, flip here and there or in sitting position with your support.

Received some gifts from Taiwan 叔叔, 阿姨. 感激!


Yeah, going out lo.......
Morning greets


Car ride
Transportation not easy
First time meeting boyfriend, shy la...
Fight! Fight! Fight!!!
No matter what, we will always in good terms....