Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Miserable 2011 - till Jun

2011 就这样过了半年, 原来日子是可以这么的难过!!!

Jan: 小女今年起就读上午班, 每天得在不久的将6点之前起身, 到如今还不能能适应, 真服了4点起身的同事.

How nice if the school can start slightly later. Getting used to wake up early is tough.

Feb: 还在过年期间, 哥哥因久咳不愈而转看专科, 就在当天被令住院观察, 怀疑是TB. 在头一个星期, 就一直做试验, 正奇怪单单TB需要这么多test, 一个星期后, 院方才诊断出那是肺癌, 第4期, 已转移至骨头.

My brother had this persistance cough and needs to be referred to specialist. He got admitted into hospital on the very same day based on the suspect of TB. Everyday there was a test and after a week of tests and scan, they concluded is stage 4 lung cancer as the cancer cell has spreaded and erroded the femur bone.

Mar-Apr: 就这样, 检验, 开刀, 放射性治疗, 一呆, 就住了2个月. 4月21日出院. 全家大小都得搬过来Toa Payoh.

So weeks and weeks of stay in hospital for operations, recovery of operations and radio therpy. Finally discharged on 21 Apr 11.

May: 在 Toa Payoh 住了一段日子, 越住是越不喜欢, I missed my home....然后, 轮到我浑身不舒服, 胃口差, 大姨妈没来. 买了支验孕棒来验一验, 两条线!!! 糟, 在这么遭的情况下有了, 惊!!! 月中去看妇科大夫, 更惊!!! 因为看到双影!!! 月底再一次确定, 是双胞胎!!! 忧多于喜. 时机错乱, 只能接受.
My stay in Toa Payoh is getting worse each week, feeling more and more tired, thinking I could have some illness. After feeling really really not right, I got a pregnacy test and it shows positive. Oh dear, wrong timing...With the visit to gynae, I have bigger shock, they call it the "twin shock". Yes, they are twins in there, wriggling around. My mind flash with many signs...$$$...

Jun: 害喜得颇严重的, 虽不至于呕吐, 但没食欲, 作呕, 嗅觉味觉超敏感, 怀小女时的轻松不在, 现在有如双倍奉还, 难过.

The morning sickness were bad, in terms of no appettide and tired. I get breathless easily and tired.

I miss home dearly!!!

And I do thanks my friends and caring colleague for all the encouragement and their help, I need them to live on and at work also. Best of all, I have my good old friend in the same company, also carrying baby in her tummy, great.