Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Week 36

Counting down by days...People are counting for 12 days of Christmas, I am counting towards 12th day of D-day..till 12 Dec. Never been on a operating theatre table before, hence very very fearful though millions of people have been there. As of today, I left with 4 days of "freedom" but almost immobilised. Just shifting of my butt from 1 chair to the other would make me think twice.

Today is my last visit to gynae before delivery, position of twin still the same, hence confirmed they will be delivered by C-sect. My HB level up abit to 8.4, should be the medication effect. Slight weight loss to 79kg, now lesser appetite to eat. And every moment, they are squeezing in my tummy, can be quite distracting.

Feeling exhausted every minute, even solving a math problem will make me feels tired. Can't wait to meet the 2 babies, aka unloading...Perhaps my only acceptable entertainment at home is playing my newly bought iPad.

Oh ya, I used my "cheong" iPod charger to charge my iPad, ended up it tripped my house power supply but I am glad that my iPad is safe.
Weekends cooking by hubby.

That's goes my iPod charger, lucky iPad does provide charger, so now I use iPad charger to charge both devices.

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