Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twin Birth - Arrival

Twins arrived on 12 Dec, after their mummy going thru a GA in TMC operating table. I have to fast from 7am in the morning and not allowed any food in the night. As my HB level is low (8.4) upon check in, I got a 1st in my lifetime blood transfusion at night, luckily I did not develop any fever after that. But my BP is shooting high after I am out of ops, reading 173 for SYS. Till now, I am still having this hypertension that not sure when it will go away.
Next day I am only allowed Milo for breakfast, teabreaks and lunch, only started to have some fish porridge in the evening. still I feel miserable as I cannot swallow well, I had sore throat due to the ops as they inserted a breathing tube thru my throat during ops. Any pills to me is BIG, I will have to bite all of them to much smaller pieces before swallowing them.
Thank you all colleagues and friends who have sent regards and visited me during my stay in hospital.

This is the green papaya fish soup that the hospital will serve every morning teabreak.

Wednesday lunch, vegie with pork.

Thursday lunch, vegie and fried fish.

Thursday afternoon teabreak. Tuna sandwich, I just ate even I do not like Tuna.

红糟鸡 for Thursday dinner

Thursday night supper.

Friday morning breakfast, I chosed Chinese cusine as Continental cusine comes with 2 hard boiled eggs which we should not consume. Only Chwee Kueh, I missed the bread.

So much medication to be taken.

Gifts from colleagues.