Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twin Birth - 2nd Week

人家做月都怕热, 我却怕冷, 可见我身子有多虚! 这次产子真的是元气大伤. 不再年轻.
Finally I can cut my toe nails, I can bend my legs which I never did these for months during pregnancy. My legs still looks like deformed, the fluid has not completely gone yet, so there are kind of lumps residue in there.
Both babies exhibit different patterns everyday. At night, they will take turns to cry, sometimes both cries at the same time. Our poor confinement lady hardly got any sleeps in the night, just to entertain and give them night feeds thoughout the nights.
Let me analyse how many twins in my family. My father side: 1) I have a pair of twin cousin; My mother side: 2) I have a pair of cousin (1 survived); 3) my granduncle is one of a twin. Is that gene or age that made my carry twins? I do not know. Science will says it's age.

Revenge time, you kicked me when we were only few months old before birth, now I kick you back.

High 5!

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