Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Week 35

Yes, counting down, getting closer each day.

Weight has hit 80kg today and high blood pressure starts to appear on me with 130/85. At home is measuring 142/80, scary.... HB also low at a reading of 7.6, I think their machine having problem, not me....Hope so. And, I left the clinic with 2 more types of medication, in total, I am consuming 7 types of medication.

Left twin remains in breech position, so it is confirm to be a GA C-section on 12 Dec. Less than 2 weeks from now. 越来越紧张了.

This belt has been on me to help support my tummy but for the past 3 week, its no longer in used, it will drop off, tummy too big.


My medication: 1. Utrogestan 100mg (to relax uterus to prevent preterm labour), 2. Folic Acid (finishing soon and will not continue after that), 3. Dhaxtra Softgel (Fishoil), 4. Calcium tablet (Pink colour), 5. Floron tablet (Brown colour, Iron tablets, 2x per day as I need for blood production), 6. Ferbeaplex (Red colour, another kind of iron tablet newly prescribed due to my low HB), 7. Apo-Methyldopa (Yellow tablet, for High BP controls, 3x per day).

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