Thursday, November 24, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - Weeks 34

It's 34 weeks now and counting down. Gynae has booked for me my delivery on week 37. I feel fearful and looking forward to download the heavy weight. Left twin weighing about 2.29kg and right twin weighing 2.3+kg. Left twin has switched position to breech again. Every 2 weeks we have to guess what posture they are showing. It's quite unusual that they are still switching position at this advanced stage, especially twins.

Less physical movement now, technically I left with 3 weekends to prepare for everything, always feeling not enough time to prepare but I guess that's every mum-to-be worries, things never got ready.

At least I still have a chance to attend this year company Dinner and Dance and get to win the 31st prize, a BackJoy seat support which is laying around in my house with not much use to my family.

This medication was given to me in week 32, to be taken for 4 weeks to relax the uterus to prevent preterm labour.

The 1st homecook food after I known of my own pregnancy. And it will be the last before delivery as it is really too tiring to preparing till washing up. tsk tsk ***

Japanese sweet potato porridge, fried onion eggs and fried bean spout, my girl love these so much although I find them blend, to reduce salt to cut down water retention.

See the layer of fats under the skin, the outer layer of skin has been stretch till fold lines are permenant there at tis moment.

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