Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twin Pregnancy - 3rd Trimester

Everything are BIG!!! Big legs, big foots, big tummy, big body, big bum, except...still not very big...

Going out will attract attention cos of my super big tummy, with a waistline of...if I can still call it waistline...47 inch.

Today is at weeks 32, hoping to keep them till at least 36 weeks in my tummy, target 2.5kg each, not sure whether will they reach that weight as they have slowed down their growth this week but the mummy is still putting on weight, OMG!!!

Before weeks 28, right twin was always in breech position. On weeks 28, both heads are pointing downwards. On weeks 30, left twin turned upright and on weeks 32, both heads pointing down again. So much activities in there, no wonder I am so tired. Usually the right twin is 200grams slightly heavier but now, the left twin is catching up, weighing slightly heavier then right twin, both at approx 1600 grams. With their growth slowing down, I will be happy if the are borned with weights of 2kg each.

My movement are very slow now, almost immoblised. Climbing stairs of more than 10 stairs are impossible now. I have thousands and one stuff that I know I need to do but just couldn't get it started. It is a big achievement to have completed this page of blog that seems not very organised.. Ho ho ho!!!

It's so swollen that sometimes the toes are only half a inch.

Little hands massaging my fat legs but recently this service seem no longer valid.

Wonder what are they doing, swifting sideways.

Taken on 08 Oct, that was about weeks 28.

Taken around weeks 31.

Weekly breakfast at McDonald.

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  1. Jia you! Jia you! I feel for you my dear! Soon they'll be here and the real suffering starts! *evil laugh*