Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Farewell on 18 September 2011

两年内, 又再向一名亲人永别, 好伤心, 好无奈! 现在只剩下我一人, 还好我有我自己的家庭, 有很强大的支持网, 很幸运. 也很感激姑姑,伯伯, 朋友们的帮忙.

我哥哥那一段挣扎的日子, 还有最后一段的辛苦, 将会永刻于心. 很多时候, 看他很痛苦, 又帮不上忙, 很心痛. 他是名战士, 虽败犹荣. 很内疚. 那段日子没能好好的照顾他. 或许, 怀孕只是一个偷懒的借口. 还好有我的大伯公, 几乎把卖车, 搬家, 丧事事宜一手给包办到完, 了不起!!!

现在暂时只有一种心情, 就是很伤心!


  1. Annie, so sorry to hear of this sad news. Please take care of yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you. *hug hug*

  2. My dear, no words can express how helpless I feel. Being on the other side of the planet, all I can do is to watch you go through this tough period. You have been through quite a lot, my heart aches for you. Take your time to grieve, then look forward and believe that things will get better. Don't hesitate to make use of your family and friends who love you, ask to be pampered, ask to be served, just ask. Love you and sending you big hugs.