Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Twins - 17 Months

 Both are hitting their 17 months this May, continued to get interrupted sleep every night, and they are getting more attached to me, especially Jie Jie.
Everyday they are plenty of noise, quarreling, snatching, shouting, talking, complaining, crying. When there is silent, you should be worried, they could be doing something that we did not expect, like pulling a box of tissue and starts munching them. 
Thinking of ways to open this box.
That's the way to reach for things that are unreachable.

Favorite mode of transport every Sunday to pasar - Mei Mei
Jie Jie - I prefers this than the stroller, this one more cooling and stylo.

2013 CNY gathering at Zion Road, 4th uncle house.

Only 1 car, we "share"

Caught in action - mei mei

We squeeze

Squeeze to save cost
We do things together

Went beach with their 大姑 and her grand-niece, that toddler

This is a image showing both my front and back

Mei mei playing with socks - 发现新大陆

Never fails to fight - this time, over a drinking cup

They are always creative and innovative... all the stuff are empty from that drawer, everywhere on the bed and floor

Papa bicycle stand is my toy, I love playing this when papa not at round, disappearing with his bike

Papa bike luggage is my gym bar.

My eldest girl told me one day: "my teacher knows that I have identical twin sisters, she wants a photo of them to show the class", so this is the photo that she brought to school, taken during CNY.
And another occasion where my eldest girl told me: "my school teacher want us to bring a family photo". As we do not have one, this was taken by our helper one of the night...So comical...


  1. I can still remember when Chris was between 1 and 2, my God, he was a handful! (well... still is!) And you have 2!!!! Love your family photo, so.... different!!!! :D

  2. Yes Sylvia, you told me before when Chris was at that age......everyday I would thinking of escaping from them...