Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Girl Activities 2013 Q1 and Q2

    After the twins are born, my big girl has lesser attention from me, so whenever there is any school holidays or any chance, I will try to bring her out for some activities.
Sending off her good friend, the family is going to NZ for their mum 3 year study course.
Every school holidays, Changi Airport will have some activities at their T3 departure hall. March school holiday, the theme is "Fascinating Russia".
The main attraction - "Ice skating"

My girl attended Student Recital 2013 on 30 Mar 13 at Funan,  organised by the music school she is attending.
Playing "My Freight Train"

This is the inside view of Bedok Sport Hall
My girl's Netball team won the East Zone Champion for Junior team.

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  1. 能文能武!真是个文武双全的小公主!