Monday, December 27, 2010

Kuantan 24-27 Dec 2010

My favorite character of this trip, Shin-Lynn.

Breakfast at Mersing.

The water tank to lookout for, in order to find the junction for right turn to Telok Chempedak.
First meal in Kuantan. The usual hawker center.
Finally reached Swiss Garden hotel, we got the Garden view (looks more like carpark view).
First night dinner - 琵琶鸭
This will be a messy shopping trip with all the kids.

Our favorite Chicken noodle soup.
Cherating beach.

Back at Swiss Garden beach.

Western food for dinner on 3rd day.

最后一天的早餐, 吃完后去隔壁买咸鱼.
Going home.
Stopover at Tg Rasang.

回新加坡前, 在丰盛港的KFC解决晚餐.

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