Saturday, July 17, 2010

Diary Farm Nature Park 17 Jul 2010

今天大伯公chio小公主去公园, 因为他要骑单车, workout. 身为老妈子的我, 只好当跟班啦!

我与小公主再走多几步就看到一条小经. 在没地图, 没装备的情况下再次乱闯, 不过大约知晓路程不会很远.

果然, 只走了不到半公里, 因为处处积水(凌晨时份下全岛性大雨), 虫子非常活跃, 把小公主给吓得花容失色, 行程被夭斩了. 刚好我们也到了它的中心, 有个类似museum的建筑物.

Let you read some history on Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, I have not taken all the notes but I found these quite interesting.

屋外的虫子. 今天看到的虫子都是七彩斑斓的. 吓坏小公主的比这更好看.
Take note if you are a dog...
Finally the warrior is back to his starting point. It took him 35~40 minutes to complete the course.

Diary Farm Nature Reserve is connected to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by this route. This path is just few steps away from the cycling path. There is only 1 cycling path connecting the whole Nature Reserve (Bukit Timah and Diary Farm), this is another entry point to the cycling track apart from my previous "venture".

连厠所外边都有漂亮的花卉陪衬, 真令人感觉happy.

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