Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kranji Turf Club 17 Jun 10

一年一度Kranji跑马场open house. 带了小公主来参观.

5时, 门口.

Watching Carebear cartoon on screen, wonder where's the bear now...

Wonder why kids like to play this so much...

嗯, 就是这样子.

Betting counters...

A sweet stall selling Japanese titbits. I bought some.

Some old horses, 2, for touching and photo taking.
The aircon betting and viewing area at 2nd level.

Happened to see filming of "Amazing Race" but not sure what kind of race is that, or which version.

The highlight of the event is Carebear but I was quite disappointed that the timing of the 2 bears appearance were very very short.
This was caught while the bears are on their way to the center stage. It was about 6pm.

The escaping bear after the short stage performance. So chaotic.

At 7.05pm, there was a photo taking session for public but the number of people allowed were about 80. Me and girl went to queue but were rejected.

Most important, do not gamble.
回家前, 在出入口处, 拍照留念.

This was last year games, 也有木偶马可骑. This year there is only a mini viking machine, not so interesting in terms of games.
Also, horse strolling around the small riding ring last year but this year there isn't.

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  1. Who said Turt club is for gambling only. Isn't it fun to be there with the care bear character on show and get to sight the race course.

    I like the pic with your little princess at the viewing gallery and the drawing on her face.